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LNG Storage Tank(vertical)


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CNG cascade consists of a series of natural gas cylinders,steel frame,valves,pipelines and high pressure fittiong.Priority sequence control panel can also be installed according to customers.CNG cascade is used for ground storage of compressed natural gas.The steel cylinders with 250 bar operation pressure are widely used so far.A single CNG cylinder can be delivered with bags,while,cng cascade can packaged with wooden cases.

Steel based CNG storage with 200 bar maximum pressure.We offer various sizes of CNG storage systems based on the 200 bar cylinder or other larger tanks. 


The most common requirements are single cylinder, manifold cylinder pack of 15 cylinders. Other configurations are also possible.Each cylinder has a maximum void space capacity of 150 litres and a storage pressure rating of 200bar. For these tanks, the CNG gas must be dried prior to storing in the cylinders. 



1. CNG cylinder cascade is commonly installed in utility companies or other locations including automotive service stations, bus depots, and fleet garages.

2. The CNG storage cascade has good features of robust build quality, higher pressure for vehicles.

3. CNG storage cascade should keep from rain and fierce sunlight. In addition, it should be away from fire source and high temperature.

4. The operating pressure of CNG cascade is 250 bar.


If you have any specific requirements for a CNG Cylinder Cascade,please feel free to contact us( with your query. We also supply other series CNG Cylinder Cascade and customed type.

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